We are a profitable and financially stable Institution and all our operations are driven by the economic principles of performance and sustainability. Our branches are well spread out across the country to allow our customers access our services more conveniently. Equally, our staff are dedicated to serving our customers in a friendly and professional manner.

Financial statement

These financial statements were audited by the firm Deloitte Touche, S.A., The opinion of the independent auditor with the financial statements and notes was known, resolved and authorized by the members of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly of Shareholders.

The opinion of the independent auditors, with their financial statements and notes, was known, resolved and authorized by the General and Annual Shareholders’ Meeting.

Financiera FINCA Nicaragua (a Diciembre 2018)
Publicados en el periódico nacional La Prensa el día martes 23 de abril de 2019 y enviados a publicar en la Gaceta diario oficial el día miércoles 24 de Abril de 2019.

Financiera FINCA Nicaragua (a Diciembre 2017)
Publicado en Gaceta No.94 con fecha viernes 18 de Mayo 2018.

Financiera FINCA Nicaragua (a Diciembre 2016)
Publicado en Gaceta No.82 con fecha jueves 04 de Mayo 2017.

Financiera FINCA Nicaragua (a Diciembre 2015)
Publicado en Gaceta No.85 con fecha lunes 09 de Mayo 2016.

Financiera FINCA Nicaragua (a Diciembre 2014)
Publicado en Gaceta No.76 con fecha lunes 27 de Abril 2015

Financiera FINCA Nicaragua (a Diciembre 2013)
Publicado en Gaceta No.100 con fecha 02 de Junio 2014

Financiera FINCA Nicaragua (a Diciembre 2012)
Publicado en Gaceta No.121 con fecha 01 de Julio 2013

Fitch Ratings

Fitch Ratings – Central America and the Dominican Republic, modified the national rating of FINCA Microfinanzas Nicaragua, S.A.


Formulas and examples of calculating quotas

This guide will help you determine the monthly installment of a loan.


FINCA Microfinanzas Nicaragua, S.A. Its registration as an issuer was obtained through INVERNIC in December 2016.

Interest Rate

FINCA Microfinanzas Nicaragua, according to its values ​​of transparency and responsibility, publishes the commissions and costs of the services and products it offers.

Interest Rate