Financiera FINCA signed an agreement “Solubrite”, a company providing solar energy products. They too, are interested in supporting customers in rural areas, particularly those who lack access to electricity.

Nicaragua has large scattered populations on the Caribbean coast without electricity. Throughout the country 30% of the population (half a million homes) do not have electricity. Solar energy from the sun provides one of the most abundant and cleanest sources of energy on the planet.

Many families who live outside the electric grid use lamps and candles for lighting. These cause fire hazards to the mostly wooden structures in which they live.

FINCA is offering credit to help clients acquire Solubrite’s products in the rural communities of Ocotal, Jalapa and New Guinea. Solubrite’s solar lamps and solar kits are safe and offer brighter light than other options on the market. This helps children to study at night and small businesses to stay open longer. The FINCA Solar Kit’s finance covers a Sun King lamp and the 3000 Barefoot solar kit that can, for instance, power a TV for up to 6 hours of entertainment.