Our commitment to the community is driven by our Mission, which is to alleviate poverty through lasting solution that help people build assets, create jobs and improve their standard of living. Besides providing financial services to our customers, FINCA Nicaragua goes an extra mile and gives back to the communities we operate in through various initiatives.

We want to transcend in our clients lifes, their families, friends, neighbors and acquaintances; we are convinced that we can be agents of change, active participants in actions that promote co-responsibility and create bonds of unity that allows carrying out integrated projects focused on social welfare and sane living.

In FINCA Nicaragua we all have the opportunity to inspire change and be part of it.

The program help community focused on the following:

  • We provide the necessary financial resources and active participation of all our employees to carry out social projects such as rehabilitation, reforestation, recycling, infrastructure, preventive maintenance and beautification of public spaces.

  • We improved parks, sports fields, schools, public places with the active participation of clients, FINCA´s employees and community residents.

  • Organize cultural and sporting events in order to promote sane living among families.


Children football team

March 30th, 2015|

Last December FINCA Nicaragua provided football equipment to a team of little children from low income families.

Jinotepe Senior Center

December 20th, 2014|

Jinotepe Senior Center, a senior center to provide food, housing, social support, medical and nursing care. The Center named, The Hogar de Ancianos Dr. Agustín Sánchez Vigil de Jinotepe.