Small Farmer Big Dreams

When Francisco Ruiz was visited by Raidel, a FINCA individual loan officer, he did not imagine that he would become a great success story.

Francisco Ruiz, 48, did not finish primary school but is now is a farmer, entrepreneur and a leader within his community, Quezalguaque. “I took the opportunity Financiera FINCA Nicaragua offered me” says Francisco thankfully. Since 2010 he has had 3 loans and all have been to reinvest in his farm where he grows papayas and vegetables and has space for raising farm animals. With the first loan, Francisco bought supplies for the first papaya harvest, then he renewed his loan in order to plant bananas and vegetables and buy his first tractor for sowing seed. Now he has projects planned in the livestock sector.

Francisco says his secret for success has been to seize opportunities and work honestly and responsibly. “I am proud to say that I come from below. And, FINCA Nicaragua, thank you for trusting me when no one wanted to give me credit”.