Small Loans & Perseverance

Ms. Yelba obtained her first loan in February 2003 with C$ 700.00 córdobas (about $45 dollars) she purchased pigs. She is currently in her 28th loan cycle.

For the past twelve years she has expanded her business steadily and currently has a grocery store and hires two people who distribute and sell her product. And, she has always paid her loans on time. Presently she has a FINCA loan of C$52,000.00 córdobas ($2,000 dollars) which allows Dona Yelba to inject capital into her business and she uses the profits to make improvements to her home. Her family’s living conditions are better and she feels grateful to FINCA Nicaragua for giving her the opportunity to access credit and, thereby, improve life for her family.

Now, 12 years after taking her first loan from FINCA, Yelba’s business is still steadily growing. A series of small loans has given Yelba the means to establish her business and increase her profits. She says: “I thank God. I am so proud of my partnership with FINCA! They’ve helped us a lot”